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Cancer of all sorts is a cause for great concern, and even though there is a high survival rate for oral cancer when it is diagnosed early, it should be treated seriously. It’s important to make a habit of monitoring your oral health so that you don’t miss the first signs of oral cancer. At your routine dental checkups, our team performs an oral cancer screening, but it’s important to be on the lookout for these symptoms:

– Swelling, sores and thick tissue patches: Any new changes in your smile, such as sore spots, swelling, thick tissue patches or lumps, should be seen by our dentist. These symptoms can develop in many areas, including your outer and inner lips, tongue, throat and sinus area. Because these symptoms may also be the result of a cold or sinus infection, mention them to our dentists or your doctor if they last longer than two weeks.

– Ear pain: You may not have heard this before, but ear pain can be an indication of oral cancer. If you have ongoing ear pain that doesn’t involve any hearing loss and sticks around longer than any ear infection typically would, seek a professional opinion and exam as soon as possible.

– Loose teeth: Permanent teeth that feel loose and are at risk of falling out despite your efforts in maintaining a diligent oral care routine is a sign that you should visit a doctor. Loose teeth not caused by oral trauma are an obvious indication that you have a serious oral health problem.

If you would like to receive an oral cancer screening in Florence, Kentucky, and speak with our dentists about early symptoms, call Moore Dental Services today at (859) 525-0507 for an appointment with Dr. Brian Moore or Dr. Martin Moore.