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Addressing tooth sensitivity is no cake-walk, but fortunately for those of us in the Florence, Kentucky, area, Dr. Brian A. Moore is a master. Read on to find out more about how the team at Moore Dental Services can address your tooth sensitivity problems.

Caring for sensitivity is one of our specialties, and across the years we’ve helped numerous people who agonize over it. One of the procedures we provide is the application of oral sealants to fill the sensitive patches of the teeth. Every general appointment includes the application of fluoride to fortify the enamel and defend the dentin layer of the chompers, and other treatments like varnishing, bonding, and restorative procedures can also be utilized to desensitize the pearly whites.

To prep for a checkup about sensitivity, spend the week or so before the checkup identifying which chompers feel the most sensitive. Save a log of which teeth hurt, how much they hurt and what type of things trigger the uneasiness. With this data, Dr. Brian A. Moore and the Moore Dental Services staff will be able to speed up your appointment time and enhance the quality of care you receive.

Dr. Moore would be thrilled to catch up with you at their Florence, Kentucky, location soon; please ring (859) 525-0507 to plan your next appointment with the Moore Dental Services staff.