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Do you know what to do in the event of an oral accident or emergency? Have you ever made plans for treating yourself should the worst occur to your precious pearly whites? If not, there is no better time to start than now to ensure your teeth have the best chance of recovery in the event of an oral accident. Listed below are common oral emergencies and their treatment methods.

Bit Lip: Although biting your lip or tongue is a common occurrence, it is nonetheless a potentially serious event that can lead to infections or the need for stitches. If you should happen to bite your lip, wash and clean the wound, then apply gauze until the bleeding stops.
Stuck Object: If you get an object stuck in your mouth, never use a sharp object to try to remove it. If it cannot be removed with an interdental tool such as water flosser or with dental floss, seek medical help.
Cracked Tooth: Cracked teeth will need to be repaired to avoid potential infections. If a tooth gets cracked, wash away any debris near the tooth and apply gauze until the bleeding stops.
Dislodged Tooth: Not all teeth that are knocked out are gone for good. If the tooth is placed in a liquid material such as milk, it may be possible for your dentist to reset the tooth in your mouth.

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