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The first step to a better smile includes using products that are safe for your teeth. Dental sealants are safe for the chewing surfaces of teeth as they are painted on the molars and premolars in the back. Furthermore, Dental sealants work to provide an additional layer of protection beyond your tooth enamel to help prevent tooth decay.

With the use of dental sealants, you can protect your teeth with a product that will not cover up the beauty of your natural smile. Instead, many sealants go on clear to allow your teeth to shine through as intended. With a single sealant application in place, you can lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%.

There are even safe to use for children. Studies have shown that children with dental fillings in place are up to three times more likely to be protected against the risks of cavities than those who are not wearing sealants. They can even be placed as soon as the first molars begin to grow in, which typically happens when a child is around the age of 6. Sealants are long-lasting, but they will need to be repaired or replaced roughly every ten years.

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