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Have you ever looked for ways to enhance your dental flossing repertoire? In addition to making sure that you’re effectively cleaning between your teeth every day, it is important to look for products that can continue to function and look for ways to improve and enhance your flossing technique and routine.

Are you prepared to clean between your teeth with a reliable dental floss tool? To ensure your threaded dental floss works effectively, always gently floss between each tooth so that no areas go uncleaned. Never use the same section of the floss for more than one tooth and throw out the entire strand after you’re finished. Each day, you should be using a new strand, as used strands can produce additional contamination.

Ideally, you should be flossing your teeth using a ā€œcā€ shape motion so that all areas and sides of a tooth can be reached effectively in crevices that your brush will not be able to clean. For additional help with keeping your mouth clean and free of debris and plaque buildup, you may want to visit your dentist every six months for a high-quality professional cleaning.

If you require cleanings to protect your teeth and gums, Dr. Brian A. Moore and our team at Moore Dental Services can help you with your oral health care. If you would like to book an appointment with our dentist office in Florence, Kentucky, please call us at (859) 525-0507.