Your Diet and Your Dental Health

In order to keep your teeth healthy, you need to brush twice a day for at least two minutes at a time with a fluoride toothpaste, floss at least once a day, and see your dentist for your regular cleanings and exams. However, you can still care for your teeth throughout the day by watching… Read more »

Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with Dental Sealants?

A dental sealant is a dental restoration treatment that can protect teeth from harm. Commonly used for molars, sealants work by applying a special gel onto the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent harmful acids from contributing to tooth decay. Sealants are strengthened with a special light and can be reapplied as needed. Dental… Read more »

Extraction Facts

Modern dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Dental technology has created ways to preserve and restore your smile in ways that its earliest practitioners would never thought possible. However, there are times when it is necessary to extract a tooth. There are several situations in which an extraction may be required…. Read more »

Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Aging and Dental Health

As you get older, your dental health can take a hit. The dangers of everyday life eventually begin to take their toll, especially on your smile. The regular wear and tear from chewing and eating food can wear your teeth down if you do not employ various dental health fundamentals. Create an improved oral health… Read more »

A Dental Crown Might Be Needed to Treat a Tooth with a Missing Filling

A dental filling is commonly used to repair a tooth that has suffered from a small cavity or minor dental fracture. While this treatment is intended to last for a long time, it is possible for a filling to eventually fail. If one of your fillings falls out, you could be at increased risk of… Read more »

Tooth Care Tips

Have you ever thought about how much you use your teeth? Every day you use them to chew your favorite foods so you can have energy! Your teeth are useful everywhere, which is why you definitely want to keep them healthy. In order to maintain strong teeth and a clean mouth, you must use proper… Read more »

A Missing Premolar Can Hinder Your Oral Function

You have eight premolars in your mouth, each of them works in tandem with your front teeth to help bite off food, as well as working with your molars to grind. When one of them is lost to severe tooth decay or a dental trauma, it can significantly hamper your overall oral function. Over the… Read more »

Common Oral Emergencies and Their Treatment Methods

Do you know what to do in the event of an oral accident or emergency? Have you ever made plans for treating yourself should the worst occur to your precious pearly whites? If not, there is no better time to start than now to ensure your teeth have the best chance of recovery in the… Read more »

Are You Making the Right Oral Health Care Decisions during Your Teen Years?

Are you making the right oral health care decisions during your teen years? People often get the last of their adult teeth during their teenage years, but unfortunately, some of the teeth may not grow in appropriately, or there might not be enough space left, causing overcrowding and other spacing issues. Compounding the issue, teenagers… Read more »

Destroy Bad Stains Where They Lie with Professional Teeth Whiteners

Destroy bad stains where they lie with professional teeth whiteners. By eradicating stains and discolorations with teeth whitening treatments, you can upgrade the aesthetic color of your smile much faster. With teeth whitening treatments, you have 3 first-rate service choices to choose from: In-office Whitening: In-office professional whitening treatments are administered directly under the guidance… Read more »