Recovery from Tooth Extractions

There are plenty of options to choose from to help aid in your recovery from a tooth extraction. Most importantly, know your body’s limits, and never try to push through the pain or try to be brave and ignore it. No matter how long the recovery time is, it’s always important to follow these important… Read more »

A Crown Can Be Used to Repair a Decayed Tooth

When a small cavity goes without timely treatment, the decay can spread to compromise a significant amount of the tooth enamel. When this happens, there might not be enough healthy enamel remaining for your dentist to secure a new filling. In a case like this, we will often recommend restoring the entire enamel layer of… Read more »

Adding a Whitening Toothpaste to Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine Can Help Maintain Your Bright, White Smile

As time passes, it’s not uncommon for you to notice stains on your smile. Tooth discoloration is a common dental problem, and you can fix it by consulting with Dr. to find the most effective way to whiten your smile. Even if we whiten your teeth with our professional tooth bleaching treatment in , ,… Read more »

A Simple Fluoride Treatment Administered After Your Dental Checkup Will Strengthen Tooth Enamel

As you go about your day, the acidic foods and beverages you enjoy, as well as the bacteria in your mouth, can deplete the mineral density of your tooth enamel. If this process of demineralization is not countered somehow it will lead to problems with tooth sensitivity and cavities. Treatment with fluoride helps to restore… Read more »

How to Help Your Missing Teeth

You’ve probably met someone who was missing a tooth. You may understand that missing a tooth can be an embarrassing experience, but did you know that there are other risks associated with not having a complete smile? In other words, if you find yourself missing a tooth, please remember to have it replaced as soon… Read more »

The Oral Hygiene Products to Purchase at the Store for a Healthy Smile

Do you ever wonder what oral hygiene products are best for your smile? If so, our team is happy to help you! In fact, we have this oral hygiene shopping list that you can complete during your next trip to the grocery store: -Toothbrush: It’s best to buy a soft-bristled toothbrush. Soft-bristled toothbrushes effectively clean… Read more »

Can Your Smile Be Refreshed with a Dental Crown?

At Moore Dental Services, the family-friendly dental practice of Dr. Brian A. Moore, we are happy to offer dental crowns for our patients in Florence, Kentucky, and the neighboring communities of Independence, Burlington, Union, Hebron, Covington, Fort Thomas, and Villa Hills, Kentucky. Our dental crowns are custom designed and sculpted to fit your smile perfectly. In… Read more »