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Following a root canal service, you might experience some tenderness. Don’t worry: this is very normal. We’ve put together the following info to aid you as you adapt during this recovery stage. Please get in contact with us if you have any further inquiries about recovery after a root canal treatment.

After a root canal treatment, your tooth and the surrounding soft tissue and bone areas of the mouth might be sensitive for a couple of days. If the agony lasts more time than half of a week, give us a call. Our dentist will work with you in hopes of relieving any pain, and this may include the prescription of antibiotics or painkillers.

During a follow-up visit, if an impermanent filling was placed, the dentist will take out the temporary filling and replace it with a permanent one. This regular filling or crown will seal the tooth to protect it from further damage. A metal or plastic post may also be seated to assist a crown if required.

We would love to see you in our office again so that we may inspect your teeth and answer any questions you may have about root canal treatment options. Please dial (859) 525-0507 to reach the Moore Dental Services practice in Florence, Kentucky, and arrange a visit with one of our dentist professionals today.