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Despite the very strong and densely packed microscopic crystals of the tooth enamel, your teeth can still be chipped from dental trauma like grinding your teeth or chewing on hard objects. To repair a chipped tooth, we may need to provide a dental crown as restorative dentistry for the health of your smile.

We advise not postponing treatment with Dr. Brian A. Moore to reduce the risk of a cavity since plaque and food particles can invade the chipped tooth. While a dental filling can restore a tooth with moderate damage, a dental crown may be more optimal for significant damage. Depending on your preferences, base metal alloys, gold or porcelain can make up your dental crown, which is crafted to look like your original tooth. Because the inside of the restoration is left hollow, the crown can offer protection by fully covering the tooth.

First, our dentist removes the layer of tooth enamel from the damaged tooth so that it forms the shape of an abutment to support your restoration. Then, we send an impression to an off-site dental lab that offers a clear image of your bite pattern so that the finished crown can be modeled after your smile. By placing a temporary dental crown, we can keep your tooth protected until the final crown is ready.

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