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Have you ever thought about how much you use your teeth? Every day you use them to chew your favorite foods so you can have energy! Your teeth are useful everywhere, which is why you definitely want to keep them healthy. In order to maintain strong teeth and a clean mouth, you must use proper oral care techniques. Because we want to help you out, we created a guide to maintaining your teeth.

1. Floss. You should be flossing once a day. Flossing is very important because it cleans out the small spaces that bacteria can thrive in. Make sure to floss between every tooth, wiggle the floss up and down, and to clean at the gumline. Neglecting to floss can lead to cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

2. Brush. Brushing scrubs away debris from all over the mouth and should be done once a day. You should be brushing the front, the chewing surface, and the back of every tooth then proceeding to clean the gums and tongue. The tongue is often forgotten, but it is important that you clean it(it causes bad breath and some tooth break down).

3. Check Ups. It is best to come into Moore Dental Services twice every year for an exam and cleaning of your teeth. Dr. Brian A. Moore is very capable and friendly, and will make sure that your teeth stay healthy.

Keep up these habits, and your teeth can stay strong and healthy. For any questions, you can contact our office in Florence, Kentucky, by calling (859) 525-0507.