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Had you heard that your pearly whites will fall out when you get older? Did you know that there are actually a number of things you might be able to do to keep your teeth healthy and strong? Of course, brushing and flossing are important, but would you be surprised to hear that there are other solutions that could help you keep your teeth strong?

A common cause of tooth loss is tooth grinding. While you may not think this is a problem, would you be surprised to hear that many people grind their teeth when they’re asleep? Sadly, this can crack your enamel and may also leave you more vulnerable to gum disease. Chewing on your nails, ice, or on plastic could also damage your teeth.

Furthermore, as you age, you may take more medications. This will leave you more vulnerable to dry mouth. While this may not seem like a serious problem, did you know that saliva actually plays a role in protecting your oral health because it carries plaque and bacteria away from your teeth? However, if you have dry mouth, you won’t produce enough saliva. This can also leave you more vulnerable to gum disease and to tooth decay. If gum disease isn’t treated, it could affect the tissue that holds your tooth in place—which makes you more susceptible to tooth loss.

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